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Sportee Elite
Compact and sporty, this playful boat has excellent overall stability and maneuvers effortlessly on waves in the surf or exploring inland waterways. The kayak of choice for navigating the surf of outer coastlines or exploring inland waterways, the versatile Sportee Elite fits the needs of a variety of paddling profiles. A shorter length and lighter weight allow for effortless maneuverability and portaging. This is a great boat for the entry level paddler and the family with a broad skill level. Everyone can paddle this boat.

  • Northwest Kayaks shortest and lightest single
  • Handcrafted and outfitter proven
  • The shortest and lightest of Northwest’s sea kayaks
  • The hull is designed with a hard chine for stability and excellent edging on a wave
  • Northwest Kayaks paddle park system, (our specially designed cleat system)
  • Its length and excellent secondary stability allow it to turn effortlessly
  • The Sportee is available in a surf version which the eliminates the front hatch
  • Also, to accommodate surf conditions, the Sportee is designed without a rudder for safety and to reduce weight
  • Outfitter tough bow and stern U-Bolts and ergonomic carrying handles
  • Versatile for beginning paddlers who want to circumnavigate a lake or an advanced coastal kayaker who wants the ability to surf big waves and explore sea caves
Length:  13" 6" 
Length with Rudder:  14" 
Beam:  23" 
Weight:  35 - 45 lbs. 
Load Capacity:  300 lbs. 
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