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Seascape Exdpedition
The Seascape Expedition was designed to meet the needs of outfitters and the serious expedition paddler. Fully bulkheaded center compartment provides extra structural strength and floatation as well as cargo capacity to easily handle 2+ weeks worth of gear. This kayak is stable, fast, and flawless while still being able to haul the “kitchen sink.” This kayak, along with the Seascape 2, is used as the staple expedition kayak by the majority of outfitters along the Pacific Coast and the world.

  • Handcrafted and outfitter proven tandem
  • Bulkheaded center hatch
  • The choice of tour companies and expedition paddlers
  • Great for extended trips
  • Hard chine
  • Stable
  • Extremely fast and responsive
  • Northwest Kayaks Outfitter Style or RORS Rudder System
  • Front, rear, and center bulkheads
  • Compass mounts
  • Outfitter tough Bow and stern U-bolts, and Outfitter proven carrying handles
  • Northwest Kayaks recessed paddle park systems (our specially designed cleat system)
Length:  20' 10 " 
Length with Rudder:  20' 3" 
Beam:  30" 
Weight:  80 - 95 lbs. 
Load Capacity:  850 lbs. 
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