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The distinctive Greenland-style can be seen with the upswept bow and stern and recessed RORS rudder system. This craft paddles smoothly and is quick to respond to the paddler’s stroke. The Pursuit line is designed for the paddler that is ready to take the next step in performance and adventure. The soft chine of the Pursuit and the Pursuit XL pivots effortlessly and allows the paddler to become one with the water. The advanced paddler will love the responsiveness that this boat offers. The Pursuit line comes in three sizes to accommodate paddlers of every size.


The Pursuit LP is different than its larger brothers, the Pursuit and the Pursuit XL, in that it has a lower profile, much like the Synergy. Great for the smaller paddler who prefers the Pursuit’s responsiveness and the Greenland style bow.

  • Northwest Kayaks most playful single
  • Handcrafted and outfitter proven
  • Extremely responsive
  • Handcrafted and outfitter tough
  • Greenland Style upswept bow and stern with ample rocker, hard chines and flared sides give high secondary stability
  • Northwest Kayaks RORS Rudder System
  • Front and rear bulkheads
  • Compass mount
  • Bow and stern U-bolts, and ergonomic carrying handles
  • Northwest Kayaks recessed paddle park system (our specially designed cleat system)
Length:  17' 6" 
Length with Rudder:  17' 9"
Beam:  22" 
Weight:  37 - 55 lbs. 
Load Capacity:  425 lbs. 
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