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The Discover line descends from the distinctive Greenland-style design noted for acceleration, optimal tracking and turning in calm waters or high seas. The storage capacity can easily accommodate a weeks worth of gear. The advanced paddler can slide into these boats and immediately find a comfortable responsive friend. The Discover is designed to accommodate the average and smaller paddlers with the Discover XL suited for the larger paddler.

  • Northwest Kayaks fastest single, this boat also has the largest single carrying capacity
  • Handcrafted and outfitter proven
  • The Discover’s medium chine is designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler
  • The length, which creates high speeds, and large carrying capacity make this boat the ideal choice for extended expeditions anywhere in the world
  • If you had to be in a kayak in the Bering Sea this would be your choice because it is fast and handles rough, following seas with ease and finesse.
  • Northwest Kayaks RORS Rudder System
  • Front and rear bulkheads
  • Compass mount
  • Bow and stern U-bolts, and ergonomic carrying handles
  • Northwest Kayaks recessed paddle park systems (our specially designed cleat system)
Length:  17' 11"  
Length with Rudder:  18'3" 
Beam:  22" 
Weight:  40 - 59 lbs. 
Load Capacity:  400 lbs. 
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