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How Do I Contact NWK and Outdoor Synergy?
Northwest Kayaks | 8547 152nd Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052
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Phone: 425-883-0333
Outside Washington: 800-648-8908
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Can I choose a custom color for my Northwest Kayak?
Yes. We have a variety of colors in stock (see the Northwest Kayaks color chart) or you can choose a custom color for your deck, hull, or seam. Custom colors are available for and added cost and require additional time for delivery.

Does Northwest Kayaks make custom boats?
Yes. We can help you select the colors and options that you need for a single boat or an entire distinctive fleet. Contact the shop for more information.

How do I replace the deck bungees on my Northwest Kayak?
Draw a diagram of your boat's deck (fore and aft). This will help you remember the restringing done. Measure each section of bungee and add about 12 inches for knots and loops. Record the measurements on your diagram. Take a sample on the bungee to a marine store and purchase new supplies. Restring the deck as per your diagram. Make sure there is sufficient tension to secure your gear to the deck. Remember that over time the material loosens due to sun and seas. You can also contact us at info@nwkayaks.com for more details.

How does the Northwest Kayaks foot pedal system work?
The foot pedal system rides on bracketed rails that are attached to the inside sides of the cockpit. The female brackets accept the pedals fit inside the female brackets on riders The pedals are slid into the rails. The rudder cables are then attached to the stern end of the pedal rails and equalized. The entire sysatem can be disassembled by doing the reverse process.

Can I repair scratches in the gel coat of my Northwest Kayak?
Depending on the depth of the scratches you may be able to repair them yourself. If the scratches are deep you will probably need to bring your kayak in for professional touch-up. Please call to find out more.

What tools should my kayak toolkit include?
You should assemble a repair kit. At a minimum your kit should carry duct tape. There are several fiber glass hull repair kits available. These kits come in verious sizes and contain 2-part adhesive resin, patch material, gloves and application tools. You can also contact us at info@nwkayaks.com for more details on which kit best suits your boat.

What should I do to clean and maintain my kayak?
You can polish your kayak with a mild car polish. We recommend McGuire's #3 or #7. This can be found at most automotive stores.

How do I replace my rudder cables?
Replacing the rudder cable is a very specific. We recommend that you contact us for the correct cable parts and correct instructions.

Where can I have my Northwest Kayak repaired?
Our manufacturing facility in Redmond, Washington can perform everything from routine maintenance (replacing deck lines, rudder cables, hatch straps, etc.,) to fiberglass fractures and gelcoat repairs. If you are not in our local area we can work with you to find shipping and delivery options.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Northwest Kayak?
Replacement parts for Northwest Kayaks are available on our website. We have made every effort to accurately descibe and picture each item to make it easy for you to select the parts you need. You can also place an order by calling 1-800-648-8908. If you do not see an item or have questions about identifying, selecting, ordering, or installing a replacement or upgrade part please call the office.

What is the best way to store my Northwest Kayak?
We recommend that you store your kayak on a rack that cradles the boat under each bulkhead. We do not recommend hanging your kayak unless you are able to fully support its weight using a sling method with several contact points. If you need to store your kayak outdoors we suggest turning it upside down with supports under the cockpit rims and hatch covers.

How can I minimize the effects of the sun on my Northwest Kayak?
To minimize the effects of the sun on your Northwest Kayak we recommend that you store it in a garage or carport. Keeping your kayak out of the sun whenever possible is the best way to prevent sun damage. We do not recommend covering the kayak with tarps because they trap the heat and cause the gel coat to conform to the design of the tarp.

Can I request a catalog or brochure from Northwest Kayaks?
Although we will be happy to send you a brochure (you can request one via email or phone) our website is the greater source of information about Northwest Kayaks. We have more pictures and info on the website and it is updated more often than the brochure. All of the information presented in our brochure is included on our website. If you cannot find the specific info you are looking for on our site, please feel free to call or write. We are glad to answer any questions you have.

To request a brochure via email contact us at info@nwkayaks.com (include your name, full mailing address and "catalog request" as well as any comments or questions)

Why are Northwest Kayaks called "touring kayaks?"
Generally, touring kayaks are longer and contain more storage space than recreational kayaks. A good touring kayak will be able to accommodate all of the paddlers' gear without sacrificing comfort, speed or performance.

What are some tips for packing my kayak?
Load the heaviest items first to keep the weight low. Also, pack lighter, bulky gear around the heaviest objects to help prevent them from shifting around throughout the day. Load the kayak evenly (side to side) so you won't have to compensate with your strokes for an uneven load. Load your kayak as evenly as possible from bow to stern. If you have to, load the stern slightly heavier than the bow. All emergency and rescue gear should be easily accessible and packed in a consistent location.

Where is the serial number (Coast Guard Identification Number) located on my Northwest Kayak?
Each kayak has a unique serial number that you should save in your records. This number can be used to identify your kayak in the event that it is lost or stolen. The serial number for each Northwest Kayak is etched into the hull just below the seam line on the right-hand side of the rudder. The numbers are approximately 1/4 inch tall and begin with the letters NWG. The number is also located in the rear cockpit on the left-hand side of the seat. Your current contact information should be kept on file with Outdoor Synergy. If you move, buy or sell a kayak please call and update your

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